Bespoke tailoring. As it should be.

I’ve been working in the business for 20 years and I know what fabrics suits for the best figure. Even if you have a hugh wardrobe of tailored clothes or you are fresh into the market – I will guide you til perfection.

Nothing should be hard.

Why choose one when you can have it all?

Dress for success during working hours as for late night events. Choose your style and how you want to express. The casual look is for the gentlemen who want to take control over his wardrobe.

Explore my wide collection and book a digital appointment to get your style ready for christmas.

Dag Oredsson

“I always thought that tailor made clothing was for the vain, thanks to John I now know what impact quality has. It is everlasting”

Dag Oredsson
Gothenburg, Sweden

Do business.
Be business.
Dress business.

Hard days requires a sustainable business suit. Even if you are at the office, driving, meeting clients for dinner. You need to be sharp for 10 hours a day.

Take a closer look at the business collection and choose from different linen, fabrics and shirts.

Be ready for any occasion.

A classic look is the first step of dressing up. Try something light and comfortable as a blazer. Combine a regular shirt with the blazer and choose between various fabrics.

Send me an e-mail or book a digital appointment and let me guide you.

Be inspired.

Sometimes it's hard to choose